Welcome to RP3 Cattle Co


RP3 Cattle co is located at 5047 Groometown Rd in a small rural community just outside of Greensboro North Carolina called “Groometown” about 3 miles off I-85 and 8 miles from Piedmont International Airport. We breed and raise Texas Longhorns on an old converted tobacco farm that has been in my family since 1900. I was able to purchase it in 2018 and started renovating and converting the property. Most all the land in the Groometown Community was tobacco farms and is one of few areas in Guilford county that has not been developed. There are still some tobacco farms and sweet potato patches up and down the road be we are the only person with cows much less Texas Longhorns!

During the food shortages cause by Covid and meat coming from China has made this even more important. I love the looks on people’s faces that come out to the farm that haven’t been around cows much less a Texas Longhorn. My goal for the business. even though it's part time and more of a hobby. is to breed the best conformationally correct Texas Longhorn we can. Yes, we want the “Long” horns but we also want the animal to be correct and serve a purpose that is growing good healthy grass-fed beef! Teaching our kids to get out and see how this works and having room to roam makes its all worth it to me even if we never make a dime!